Free Resources

Ever feel like you don't know how or where to start looking for a career? The free resources below could help you. 


Personality Tests 

Personality Tests are a great way to identify strengths, opportunities and interests, which could help you choose a fulfilling career. 

16 Personalities is a totally free personality test that takes about 20 minutes. There is also a more detailed paid version available, but for the purpose of finding your strengths, learning about yourself and the types of careers you may enjoy, the free version works just fine. 

My Next Move Interest Profiler is a free tool that asks you a set of questions to determine the types of careers you may enjoy and categorizes the suggestions into career levels from entry level to professional, which could help you decide what level of education you need for the career you want. is a free imaged based test. When complete, the test gives you a list of occupations that best fit your personality based on the images you selected.

Truity Career Test is a free test that assesses your answers to give you a chart outlining how you best work, along with your strengths, and a list of careers that you may enjoy. There is a paid version but we found the free version gives plenty of information. 


Career Tools

Now that you have finished some self discovery, you need to put it all together in one place. Download our free Discovery Worksheet to outline your Skills, Interests, Education and focus on specific companies to target your job search.

Once you have an good idea of your interests and skills, education and some potential businesses to target your job search, use the career tools below to find and apply for your next job. 

O*Net Online is a free informational occupation page. You can search jobs by specific categories or you can use the advanced search to drill into jobs that fit your skills, abilities, interests and values, just to name a few!

Once you have found a few job titles that interest you and you have verified you have the qualifications, it's time to start applying! You'll need a fantastic resume. Download this free Resume Template!


Social Media

On your career journey, you'll work with brilliant minds and you'll need advice along the way. Use social media to stay connected and get free career advice. 

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. In addition to allowing you to network, you can follow businesses, business leaders, connect with co-workers, leave or receive feedback, list your skills and certifications, upload your resume, take courses, get certifications, and apply for jobs. 

Reddit is famed for anonymity and fake internet points but it has some solid career subreddits to join where you can connect with people, get free advice, and learn about careers. Checkout r/jobsand a new subreddit r/AllOutCareers. There is something for everyone on this social media site but be sure to read the "About" section for each community before you comment or post. You do not need to create a profile on Reddit to read the posts or comments but you will need one to contribute. You can find me on Reddit at u/AllOutCareers!


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